About The Author


Don’t Be Normal, Just Be You! LIFE AUTHOR

Mary is an Author, Professional Keynote Speaker, Life Coach and Entrepreneur.


After saving the World from Evil- er, after 33 years of working as an Occupational Health Nurse, Mary realized that she had learned many valuable lessons in her life. Over the last 10 years, she found she was sharing these life lessons more and more frequently with friends, Family, patients and strangers. In most cases, sharing these lessons helped those people move forward, make decisions, find themselves or maybe just gave them a little bit of hope. Most probably thought, “If she could do it, I can do it!”


In the beginning of 2016, Mary could no longer ignore the signs. She was meant to share her life lessons in a hard bound copy. In April of 2016, she started the journey of writing her first book, “Your Life Shoes.” She filled it with raw and truthful stories of her own personal struggles, experiences, successes and failures. She entertains readers, but more importantly, she leaves readers with hope and encouragement.


On a personal note, Mary lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her soulmate/husband Chuck, and their doggies. She is a “Biker Chick” who enjoys riding her motorcycle. With her spikey hairdo, Tattoos, multiple ear piercings, and a loud contagious laugh, she is not afraid to be herself and stand out in a crowd. She also enjoys shopping for shoes, creating arts & crafts projects, rescuing dogs, gardening, weightlifting, spending time with friends and family, traveling with Chuck, attending the Fort Worth Symphony, watching baseball, listening to all kinds of music, shopping on eBay, Facebooking, walking Rainey and enjoying all her blessings. Mary loves shoes and her love for shoes gave her the title for her book. Through our lives, we wear many shoes and many hats. Those choices are an analogy for the different experiences we all live, the different shoes we all wear. It is the life that we live.


Fueled by coffee, Adkins, shoes and occasional Margarita, Mary is comfortable in her own skin and loves to make people laugh. She is not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind, how to fix it, or where to find the answers. Above all that, Mary is a compassionate, loving and funny person. One thing remains the same, she will always go above and beyond to help a friend, stranger or a Dog.